Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tank Update

After roughly 8 months of jack squat, work on the fish tank has started progressing(FINALLY!). The current profile for the tank is:

20 Gallon Long with black trim, on a black stand(pictures below)
30x12 Marineland LED Aquarium Hood(probably rubbish lighting, but it was cheap, and has night lighting, so I'm trying it)
Lots of Black Sand from Petco.
1 large piece of driftwood.
1 bunch "Standard" Java Fern(Microsorum pteropus)
1 bunch Crested Java Fern(Microsorum pteropus "Windelov")
2 bunches unknown Cryptocoryne species(looks like Cryptocoryne wendtii)
A whole mess of Java Moss(Taxiphyllum barbieri)
Evil Pond Snails of Doom that seem to show up any time you buy plants from anywhere.

Still looking for my aquarium heater and the potting soil I need so I can start setting up, but it should probably occur sometime in the next couple of days.

For the first month or so, the only inhabitants of the tank are likely to be Fernando, my insanely aggressive male Crown-tail Betta(Betta Splendens), and a trio of very young Clown Loaches(Chromobotia macrocanthus). I plan on trading or selling the Clown Loaches once they remove the snail problem. Clown Loaches grow much too large to live long term in a 20 gallon long, but their abilities as snail assassins are legendary. Currently, the animal life I would LIKE to keep in the tank, once it's set up and fully cycled:

Option 1: Team Red(aka, Team Expensive)
- Chili Rasorbas(Boraras Brigittae) x6
- Painted/Taiwan Fire Red Cherry Shrimp(Neocaridina heteropoda) x10
- Malaysian Trumpet Snails(Melanoides tuberculata) x I'm not even gonna bother trying to count.

Option 2: Team local(aka, team I bought em at the local shops!)
- Fernando(Betta splendens)
- Female Crown Tail Bettas(Betta splendens) x2
- Cherry Barbs(Puntius Titteya) x4-6
- Kuhli Loach(Pangio Kuhlii) x3
- Malaysian Trumpet Snails(Melanoides tuberculata)

I'll try to have some pictures up once I can figure out how to make the pics not suck!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Fish Tank

  Holy cow, last couple of months have been crazy. Moved into a new apartment(and another move is coming up), but made a couple of new friends out here, and one of them is in  the business of selling aquariums, fish, and fish supplies. Sooo, I decided it was high time to try my hand at a new fish tank.  Shortly after my birthday, I bought a 20 gallon long fishtank with stand from her. Also got a pretty spiffy looking piece of driftwood for it as well.
  I plan on making this a Walstad style low tech tank, and I'm still deciding on what kind of plants and animals to keep in it, though I know Red Cherry Shrimp and Java moss will both definitely be in there. More details as they happen, and hopefully some pictures once I start setting this thing up.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gay Marriage

  I'd just like to state up front that I am not now, nor have I ever been Communist, Democrat, or Republican. Nor am I in any way affiliated with the Tea Party or Occupy Movement(s). I happen to think they're all garbage and equally useless.

   I FIRMLY believe in a separation between church and state and believe that we should actually do MORE to separate them(too much judeo-christian morality has squirmed its way into law like a maggot in a corpse). I also believe that persecution complex the Christians in the USA have needs to be massively toned down. They were not the only ones attacked during 9-11 but they did more than their fair share of persecuting any non-christians in the weeks, months, and years afterwords (it's still going on).
   Marriage, in the true Western Tradition(Saxon/Germanic/Norse) did not start as a religious thing. It was a legal contract, between two consenting adults designed to prevent wars over inheritance. Marriage had NOTHING to do with love or religion. It ended up becoming a religious thing when Christianity cast its dark shadow over Western and Northern Europe because that was the closest thing anyone at that point in time had to a stable government. If you married Brunhilda under King Sven, then King Orgrim took over your village, if your marriage was secular, your marriage's validity could be called into question.
  Times have since changed. The US Government is far more stable than their predecessors 1000 years ago(though the sanity of the US government or those who think it actually works is debatable). There is no longer a dominant branch of Christianity in the west. Marriage though, has always remained a legal contract(even as a religious thing, in many areas you still had to have legal consent). In addition, there are a number of religions that are either not organized, or don't view marriage as part of their domain. There are also Atheists.
   Marriage itself has changed over the last 1000 years as well. It has gone from a means of preventing civil war and feuds to a statement in which two individuals declare to the world that they love each other enough to put up with one another for the rest of their medically enhanced lifespans. Insurance companies, banks, and even the federal government recognize the institution of marriage and provide benefits, or treat married individuals differently from those that are not.
   Because of this, I firmly believe that NOT allowing homosexual adults to marry one another, regardless of the gender of the spouse, is unconstitutional. There are only 2 real courses of action. The first, which I'd consider a mistake, is to regard marriage as a religious rite solely and have the government get out of the marriage business entirely(thus not having separate filing statuses for taxes, which in many cases will mean less money for the government). This will have the added benefit of getting rid of divorce attorneys.
   The second option requires the government to stop pandering to the Christians. They need to legalize gay marriage. Yes, this means that Churches are going to have to recognize gay marriages if they want to keep their tax-exempt status, but it's high time we abolish letting churches have tax exempt status too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gingerbread murders

  Ok, I know it's a little early for this, but I was trying to think of some way to celebrate the holidays with my fiance that would be uniquely ours, and I think I hit on a zinger. Be forewarned, I may be off my rocker, but I think it sounds cool.
   I like gingerbread men, more accurately, I like to eat them. While eating some today, I managed to find a few that were missing arms and legs. I thought maybe there was a gingerbread shark in the bag. After eating a few more, I found one completely whole, but in a gingerbread puddle of blood. Which leads me to believe that one of the gingerbread men in the bag is a murderer. :P
   That's when the idea hit me. At our house, every yuletide, we'll make a gingerbread house with gingerbread men inside. Every time we eat one, we have to put an icing chalk outline somewhere in the house. Of course, we'll have to make a few green/grey gingerbread men to blame it on the zombies, and then later make some cupcake comets when we start in on the house itself. Either that or I have to get some toy wrecking equipment!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Reason to Drink for People who don't even like Alcohol

Moving is a god damn nightmare. Getting a straight answer out of an international mover is harder than catching box jellyfish barehanded and not getting stung. How hard is it to really give a ballpark price. If you're a studio apartment looking to move to place X you can expect to spend around Y. The closest thing I've gotten to a straight answer on pricing is out of places like UPS, USPS, and FedEx, and they want $400 - 600 per box of stuff. I'm not even trying to move furniture. It's just roughly 2 bookcases worth of books, some game consoles, and 3 boxes of old toys. So it would seem, when I finally manage to talk to a human for a moving company estimate the price to beat is $14k USD, because that's what it would take to send the stuff I absolutely will not part with via USPS. If they can bring down the price to say $3-4K USD, I'm even willing to forgive the fact that shipping will take up to 6 months. Knowing how crappy things are however, I'll be lucky if they can do it for ONLY $10k in 6 months with little to no damage.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First post, a placeholder

  I'm still waiting on my visa to move to Australia, so for the time being this blog is just being used for blog links that don't make sense to keep on my other blog's bloglist. I hope to have more posts later.